Nestcoin's Cohort: A Case Study

Feb 3, 2023

What is Nestcoin

Nestcoin builds, operates, and invests in crypto-native products for everyday people in frontier markets. Nestcoin is backed by CoinFund, Social Capital, Distributed Global, Hashkey Capital, and more.

Cohort Goal

Nestcoin launched a writing cohort to kick-start a community of crypto researchers and enthusiasts that would be writing on their new writing platform — Breach.

Project Scoping

The project started out with a kickoff meeting between the Taptive and Nestcoin teams. During this time, Taptive introduced the team to the Partner Dashboard — a bird's eye view of all actions required to run a successful cohort.

Next, we initiated the “Cohort Setup” stage of the process. Together, we chose a cohort Kickoff date and determined the dates and times to host the weekly cohort feedback meetings (Thursdays at 8 PM WAT).

Using Taptive’s cohort template, we were confident the weekly cadence would work well for the team’s cohort goals.


Once the logistics were set, Taptive worked closely with the Nestcoin team to decide on a name for the cohort (the Nest Research Fellowship) and to build a cohort landing page that reflected the Nestcoin brand and voice.

Within a week of starting the project, we had designed a cohort structure we were confident about delivering to the community, and we had crafted the right messaging that would bring the Nestcoin community together.

At this point, we began a multi-channel marketing strategy to bring the best web3 writers into the cohort. Here’s an example of a tweet sent from Nestcoin’s account.

Equipped with a landing page, tight messaging, and a compelling offer (a free cohort-based writing experience), the team was able to successfully launch the cohort. Within days, we had hundreds of sign-ups ready to take the next step in their crypto writing journey.


As we approached Kickoff, Taptive and Nestcoin worked to prepare for the cohort launch. Using Taptive’s standard onboarding template as a base, the Nestcoin team made edits to the materials to ensure the messaging fit their brand.

Taptive’s onboarding is built on three pillars: excitement, preparation, and ease into action.


Taptive delivered polished, clear onboarding messaging that gave a professional feeling to the experience. Also, we started welcoming people into the shared cohort Discord channel where writers started to discuss their goals.


We shared the most relevant information to help prepare participants for the experience (logistical information and the start of a 12-day email writing course).

Ease Into Action

We also prompted participants to ease into the effort, vulnerability, and thoughtfulness that would be required during the cohort.

Participants completed an onboarding survey. As over 150 people completed the onboarding survey, the results populated the public directory — a place for writers to find information about others participating in the cohort.

In addition, we brought cohort participants into a shared space where they could introduce themselves and get comfortable sharing their goals for the cohort.


On November 24th at 8 PM WAT, the Live Kickoff put the cohort into motion. With Closer by POWERS playing in the background, over 100 curious, driven crypto enthusiasts entered the virtual auditorium. Each person entered in nervous anticipation of the opportunity to push themself outside of their comfort zone.

Every minute of the Kickoff was filled. We flexed our writing muscles with a 5-minute “Bullet Draft” writing exercise. We met some new people from the cohort with structured breakout rooms, and we learned more about how to approach the journey we were embarking on together.

Week 1

Following the Kickoff, each cohort participant was energized, inspired, and equipped with the knowledge needed to start writing.

More importantly, they now had a group of people that were working toward the same goal — they knew they were not doing this alone. And, of course, they had a clearly defined structure with action items to support their writing going into Week 1.

Publishing Day

Finally, November 30th arrived — the first Publishing Day. The combination of the marketing, the onboarding, the resources, and the Live Kickoff led to this day.

Our shared Discord channel came to life with writers sharing their newly published essays. Prechy opened the floodgates with “Getting started in the crypto space” and within hours, dozens of articles were pouring into the Discord.

By the end of the day, 56 people had taken themselves out of their comfort zone, explored a topic they were passionate about, and published writing under their own names.

First Feedback Meetup

With their published writing fresh on their mind, the group met together for our first Live Feedback Meetup on Thursday, December 1st at 8 PM WAT.

During this meeting, we celebrated the effort that each writer put into their work, we gave each writer the opportunity to talk with other like-minded people about their writing, and we gave each writer the opportunity to give and receive feedback on their writing.

Week 2 and Beyond

Following Week 1, the cohort was in motion. Simplicity is a core tenant of Taptive’s cohort process, so we ensured we stuck to our Weekly Writing Workflow (publishing on Wednesday and meeting live on Thursday).

By the end of the cohort, the community had published a staggering 116 articles.

Analyzing The Numbers

During our cohorts, we focus on several key areas: strengthening relationships within the community, growing the community, and leveling up members of the community.

Strengthen Relationships in the Community:

  • Through weekly live meetings (and with writing to support a robust conversation), we were able to facilitate 92 1:1 breakout rooms of over 20 minutes of in-depth discussion and feedback

  • Asynchronously, we supported community relationships in the Discord channel through over 100 pieces of written feedback given in the community

Grow the Community:

  • Through the cohort experience, we were able to successfully launch the Discord community bringing almost 200 people into the new Discord

  • The cohort resulted in the community generating 116 published essays along with an accompanying 102 social media posts — each member-generated post shared the Nestcoin brand with dozens of new people

  • In addition, marketing the cohort generated excitement around the Nestcoin brand (nearly 1,000 page views on the landing page + many more social media impressions)

Level up Members of the Community:

  • Based on self-reported data, we witnessed some exciting results from the cohort. Through the cohort experience, participants improved their writing consistency by 75%, on average. And participants improved their online voice by 40%, on average.

Concluding the Cohort

As the cohort came to a close, writers were feeling exhausted yet accomplished. Many had conquered a fear they’d had for years. Many had crossed off a task that had been on their list for months.

In the final live meeting of the cohort, we brought writers together to celebrate their wins from the cohort. We awarded NFTs to everyone who published all three posts (Gold), two posts (Silver), and one post (Bronze).

In addition, we shared a reflection survey to reflect on how far we had come.

In the end, the Nest Research Fellowship was a success in meeting the stated goal of the cohort — it kick-started a community of crypto researchers and enthusiasts.

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A growth agency for the Bitcoin economy

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A growth agency for the Bitcoin economy

©2023 Taptive. All Right Reserved.