The Business Writing Primer

May 2, 2022

Strong business writing will elevate your career.

Here’s a list of resources you can use to learn how to become a better business writer.

⏩ Use Business Writing To Advance Your Career

  • Business writing is clear writing used to communicate in a professional setting.

  • Remember 4 tips to improve your business writing (be concise, get to the point, don’t be boring, and know your customer).

📈 Writing Is Your Asymmetric Opportunity

  • An opportunity with an asymmetric upside has a small downside risk but a large upside potential.

  • Business writing is an asymmetric opportunity.

  • The 3 steps to make writing your asymmetric opportunity:

    • Write what you love until you love to write

    • Become An Antifragile Writer

    • Do Things That Don’t Scale

⚙️ The Publishing Process

  • The Publishing Process will help guide you in publishing your first post (or 100th).

  • This process will break the daunting writing process into 4 simple steps:🔮 Topic Selection, 🚄 Bullet Draft, ☑️Vision Draft, and 🎯Clarity Draft.

🚚 How To "Write Like An Amazonian"

  • Learn business writing fundamentals from a business with a strong writing culture.

  • 5 points to remember:

    • Use less than 30 words per sentence

    • Be objective: replace adjectives and adverbs with data

    • Use the "So What" Test

    • Avoid Jargon and Acronyms

    • Use subject-verb-object sentences

💱 3 Business Writing Takeaways From Reading Lyn Alden

  • Improve your business writing from 3 takeaways and examples from Lyn Alden’s writing.

📈 How to Become an Antifragile Writer

  • To become an antifragile writer, your goal is to more frequently expose more of your writing to the stresses of the real world.

  • Become an antifragile writer by building a portfolio of posts and publishing imperfect work.

🏗️ 3 Reasons Every Business Builder Should Write

  • In becoming a better business writer, you should understand where to deploy your new skill and how it will help you progress.

  • The three reasons you should write: improve your clarity of thought, strengthen your relationship with stakeholders, and receive feedback on your thinking.

Use the inspiration and tips from these posts to improve your business writing. However, it’s impossible to become a better business writer without practice. With these lessons in mind, take the next step and start to publish.

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A growth agency for the Bitcoin economy

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A growth agency for the Bitcoin economy

©2023 Taptive. All Right Reserved.