Revolutionizing the Editing Process with AI

Apr 25, 2023

The implications of AI on society are vast and complicated.

Despite this, as individuals, we have no choice but to embrace the technology.

With regards to writing, AI can support you at every stage of The Publish Process. This post shares 4 ways to use AI to help edit and enhance existing writing you’ve already created.

1. Grammar and Simple Mistakes

Starting with the most simple use case, AI can help with the basics.

Grammatical errors cost the writer some creditability. But lucky for us, tools like Grammarly can catch most of these errors.

Leveraging software like Grammarly will help you to write higher-quality content in a shorter amount of time. And it will help you feel more confident when publishing as you will know there will not be (too many) simple mistakes.


2. Quality Improvements

At this stage of The Publishing Process, AI can help you to meet basic high-quality writing objectives. You can ask the AI to rewrite a paragraph to be more clear, concise, simple, attention-grabbing, and more.

For example, if you believe a paragraph feels too long and verbose, you can pull out the paragraph and prompt AI to “rewrite this paragraph to be more clear and concise.”

At the very least, this will give you some ideas of ways you can improve the paragraph to meet this writing objective.

TIP: It’s always more manageable to work with smaller sections of your writing rather than prompting the AI to make your entire post align with an objective. For example, maybe you only want your opening paragraph to be more attention-grabbing. Focus on leveraging AI to give you ideas on how to improve those few sentences rather than the entire draft.

3. Style and tone

One of the more fun ways to leverage AI in the final stage of the writing process is to experiment with different styles and tones.

You can prompt the AI to rewrite a near-complete post in a different tone.

  • For example, if you struggle to write in a conversational, casual tone, you can pull out a specific paragraph and prompt the AI to rewrite the paragraph in this new style.

  • As another example, if you’re writing a post with a specific objective (ex: to capture the attention of potential customers), you can prompt the AI to rewrite a section to be more inspirational or attention-grabbing to meet that objective.

Here are some other styles and tones you can experiment with: humorous, persuasive, informative, formal, casual, descriptive, and witty.

The AI’s output will give you new ideas to improve your existing post.

4. Feedback

Finally, you can ask the AI to give you feedback on your draft. Here are the steps to ask the AI for feedback:

  1. Open ChatGPT or another AI tool

  2. Type in a prompt to direct the AI. For example:
    Can you give feedback on the following article in this format:
    1). What's the main point
    2). What's a strength
    3). What's an improvement

  3. Below the prompt from step 2, copy the text of the post

  4. Hit enter!

After analyzing the results, you can incorporate some of the recommendations if you believe they will improve the post.

Wrapping It Up

AI is a powerful tool to help improve your writing. In the final stage of The Publishing Process, you can use AI to:

  1. Catch grammatical errors

  2. Improve your writing on basic quality metrics

  3. Spark ideas to meet different style or tone objectives

  4. Provide actionable feedback

By taking advantage of AI in the final stage of The Publishing Process, you can improve your writing quality and save time.

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A growth agency for the Bitcoin economy

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A growth agency for the Bitcoin economy

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